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Client Testimonials:

"They made the whole process quick and easy. Thank you very much."

Julie H.

"The recovered funds are a blessing! The process was not 'high pressure' and I felt my personal identity was always safe-guarded. I will use your service in the future."

Terry M.

"You were open and honest in every way. You answered all questions and handled all concerns. I had very little to do in the whole process. I can not say enough about how competent and professional your firm was throughout this whole matter. I thank you for finding us!"

Robert R.

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There are several benefits to working with Meritrust Asset Recoveries to recover your dormant account.

  • No up-front fees whatsoever – We do not charge you a dime to do what we do. We work 100% on contingency, meaning you pay us only out of the money we actually recover for you.
  • We're thorough, and gather all supporting documentation and paperwork – We’re highly experienced in asset recovery. Sometimes, certified copies of documents need to be procured (like birth and death certificates, court/estate paperwork, corporate filings, etc) – WE order and pay for these. Again, there is no monetary outlay by you at all.
  • Your privacy is protected – We realize in this day and age there is seemingly a “scam a minute”. This is why we work extra hard to earn your trust and ensure your privacy. We will never ask for any sensitive information, like bank account numbers or your SSN.
  • We handle everything – You just sit back and relax – we’ll work on getting you your money. We’ll work with the holding agencies, wait on hold, call four different departments… if you need to sign anything, we’ll have the documents sent right to you (and then we’ll walk you through the signing/mailing process.) Essentially, we come to you with a “we found you money” message, and you can say “ok, show me”. And we’ll show you.
  • Constant Contact – We’ll update you every step of the way.

Dormant or "inactive" accounts are very real. If we sent you a letter, then we believe you may be the owner of a dormant account. Just give us the word (by completing and signing / sending in the Information Request form we sent you), and we’ll get to work.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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