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Client Testimonials:

"It was a painless and great experience.  I am very pleased with your service and professionalism- I especially liked talking to a 'person' and not a machine.  Thank you!"

Martha D.

"Great service & always kept us updated. It was a very positive experience for us. Thank you!"

Edward C.

"I wish to acknowledge the professional way the recovery was completed in my case. Thanks Jennifer. I look forward to your company being there for me."

Walter F.

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Our core business is locating owners or heirs of dormant accounts and returning the funds to them. Sometimes the assets were our Client’s, who simply forgot about them; other times, the assets belonged to a relative who has passed on, or to a business who may have acquired another company.

Meritrust ARS has a proven track record in identifying and recovering abandoned assets for our Clients. Our success lies in our meticulous research methods, focusing on "inactive accounts" that have remained dormant for long periods of time. These assets are rarely sought after because most individuals or businesses are unaware that they even exist.

When we discover a significant dormant account we verify the funds, then, utilizing a variety of records, we identify, locate and contact the rightful owners. At that point, should they choose to become our client, we work with them through every step of the recovery process. This includes providing necessary forms and preparing any documentation required to execute a claim and expedite processing.

No Risk.

There are NO upfront costs of any kind for our service. We work strictly on a contingency-fee basis - this means that you pay us nothing until AFTER you have received your funds.

We do not take any money upfront. If we are not successful in recovering your money, Meritrust ARS receives absolutely nothing and absorbs the entire cost of the above efforts.

No Recovery = No Fee

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