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Client Testimonials:

"At first we had doubt, but I liked how you didn't ask about my personal info. I think the process you have is great because I didn't give any of my personal info to you. That is what convinced me. You guys are honest."

Yong L.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Please use us as a reference- "

Timothy B.

"Constant communication by phone and internet.  Not requesting money in advance and answered all my questions regarding how things are done.  Thank you so very much for finding me."

Laurie F.

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Meritrust Asset Recoveries is a registered heir finder/asset locating company in Sussex County, Delaware. Our best attributes are our many, many satisfied Clients.

We work hard to return millions of dollars of funds from dormant accounts to the owners who previously had no idea money was owed to them. Our Clients range from the private individual to large Corporations, and are from all over the United States and other countries.

Because we are contacting people with a “we found you money” message, we have to be as ethical and up-front as possible. This makes transparency and accountability a vital part of what we do. We list our phone number. We list a real address. We belong to professional organizations – organizations that would want no part of an unethical business. We’re as verifiable as possible, because what we do is very real.



Our Mission:

At Meritrust ARS, it is our mission to locate individuals, families and businesses who are owed money, and work through the bureaucratic red tape to help them claim what's rightfully theirs.

We are a customer-focused business that focuses on active involvement and excellent communication through every step of the recovery process. Every client is important to us, which will become apparent to you if you choose to work with us. Because we do not earn a dime until after you have recovered your money, we owe you the most professional, ethical service possible, from the time we begin until you have your money.

In addition, your privacy and security are always paramount. We do NOT require any personal information from you, like bank accounts or your Social Security Number, and we will never ask you for them.



"Always with an eye on the future and a drive and compassion for customer service, I wanted to be part of a company unrivaled in its service in an untapped, growing, and important field. I enjoy being in this industry where instead of parting a Client from their money, I am giving them money.

There is nothing more satisfying than locating the owner of a dormant account and returning the funds to them. Trust me – it’s a GREAT feeling for everyone!"

Jennifer MekulskiJennifer Mekulski
Lead Researcher,
Meritrust Asset Recoveries

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